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to try to drum up support for the new health care law. i'm susan mcginnis in washington, coming up, the latest on efforts to fix the problems. >> reporter: a dog that was taken away once has now killed its owner in east baltimore. i'm mike schuh, live details next. >>> the ravens have a long history of being better than the browns. i'm mark viviano, highlights and reaction to a tough loss in ohio coming up. >>> and if you're just about to head out on your morning commute unfortunately a big low on the topside of the beltway, traffic not moving. we'll show you a picture and tell you why. that's straight ahead. >>> with two bronze metals under his belt he's going for gold in sochi. the winter olympics are under 90 days away. one of america's best joins us on coffee with to talk about it. stay tuned, it's the beautiful sunrise, we'll be right back. sunrise, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. >>> it is the bot
tonight at 6:00. >>> singer chris brown is checking into rehab after his run-in with the law in washington dc. tmz reported brown entered a facility for anger management issues. he was charged with assault in dc on monday, accused of punching a maryland man who tried to take a photo with him outside a hotel. the judge ordered brown back to court on november the 24th. no word if his rehab stint will change that date. >>> a high school teacher in north carolina is out of a job after allowing students to reuse needles for a biology assignment. she said the students were determining their blood types were using a lab kit. the kit included needles that she allowed the students to reuse after they were cleaned with alcohol. she thought the experiment was approved by the school system. >> if it was not okay to use it should have been taken out during the summer. >> we don't want students to sharing a needle and second of all having any type of human blood in the classroom. >> an assistant principal stopped the process after receiving a phone call from a concerned parent. mcmillan is not appealing
a man in the face after he tried to take a picture with him. brown guarded by law enforcement and body guards raises a peace sign for the crowd as he left the courtroom leaving his attorney to do the talking. >> christopher brown committed no crime. we understand that his security acted to protect mr. brown and mr. brown's property as he is authorized to do undies strict of columbia law. >> reporter: brown's music career has soared but his behavior outside of the studio has some fans questioning if he learned his lesson from a violent past. he is on probation from a case in which he reportedly beat up his girlfriend rihanna. >> you don't always have to react to everything. >> reporter: brown entered a not guilty plea in the d.c. assault. the alleged victim is from beltsville. the police report says the victim suffered broken bones in the nasal area. chris brown and his bodyguard are expected back in court in d.c. november 25th. rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> the judge ordered brown to undergo drug treatment and report to his probation officer in l.a. >>> former congressman j
the law. >> this lawsuit names the detectives involved in the arrest and the baltimore city police department. the 86-page complaint alleging officers handcuffed anderson then kicked him in the ribs, stomach, back and chest for several minutes maliciously for the purpose of causing harm. the family wants their loss to spur changes in the police department. >> there's not discipline. there's no accountability. thed to train and failed to super vie super -- supervise. >> reporter: city police have declined to comment on this lawsuit. i'm mike schuh reporting live. back to you. >> thank you. you're re call after anderson's death there were rallies marches. >>> more than a dozen nfl players include, ray lewis is suing a bank for $60 billion. bbt bank allowed a financial firm to open accounts in lewis's and 16 other players names and make unauthorized investments. that firm is now banned from the investment industry. in the suit leis claims he lost $4 million. >>> americans who rely on food stamps will see a change in their benefits. the average benefit per person is a little over $1
. >> if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel plans what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality coverage. >> the obama administration insists the website will be fully functioning by december. in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> the chairman said he plans to ask secretary sebelius back in early december to testify about the progress that's been made with >>> new details are emerging in the sky spying scandal. they say the tsa nsa listened on the vaticans phone calls. the vatican released a statement saying it's not concerned. several european allies have expressed out rage after reports that the nsa has been spying on leaders for years and years. >>> lawmakers are saying many of the security personnel stations inside the nation's federal buildings outside of washington dc needs crucial training. wjz and mike schuh with live with this story. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. a watchdog group says that federal facilities are poorly protected and now congress is getting involved. >> security at federal facilities across
hunt and treated for a gunshot wound to his leg. >>> chris brown is in trouble with the law once again. he is accused of attacking a man outside of a washington, d.c. hotel. >> reporter: good morning. sometime today, chris brown will be arraigned in d.c. superior court after a physical altercation left another man bruised and bloody. chris brown and his body guard will face a judge monday morning both charged with felony assault. the 24-year-old sippinger was in washington to emcee this unofficial howard university homecoming event. sometime after he left, police say that brown was outside of the w hotel posing for a picture with fans when the victim jumped into the photo. according to arresting documents, brown said, quote, i'm not down with that gay expletive. i feel like boxing, end quote. police say that brown and his body guard punched the victim in the face. officers arrested him and the victim was taken to the hospital. this could have serious legal consequences for brown. he is still serving probation for his 2009 attack on former girlfriend rhianna. any arrests could be a viol
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6